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About Us

I have been excited about wine for as long as I can remember. So long that I can't remember the original reasons. Maybe it's because when I was a boy I wanted to grow into the kind of urbane, sophisticated chap who would know about wine. Perhaps I found the associations of taste and connoisseurship glamorous and enchanting. I don't know. What I think now is that wine has a power that is almost magical in its breadth. Not only is it fantastic in itself, it can complement and enhance all manner of meals, it brings people together in fun and friendship, it can create and bring back all sorts of memories and, perhaps most wonderfully of all, it can speak of and evoke a sense of place. You should buy some from me.

My business is based near Poulton in the Cotswolds, and I do free weekly local deliveries. I also produce a weekly email where I pick a wine or two and write about them - you can sign up to receive this here. If you are having an event - a wedding or a party - then please call me and I will be delighted to help you choose some good wine to go with your food.


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