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Wine Wednesday 25th January 2023

Updated: Jan 30, 2023

Good Morning! And a very Happy Burns' Night for all who celebrate!

It's a bit of a grim morning here, cold and misty, but I always think positively of Burns' Night, partly because I like haggis and it gives me an excuse for a wee dram (which I also like!), but mainly because it means that January is nearly over! The Six Nations' Rugby is just round the corner, and brighter, warmer days and the prospect of another cricket season aren't far away.

This wine might go well with haggis.

Côtes du Rhône, Saint-Esprit, Delas, 2020 (£14.50)

Relatively unusually for a Côtes du Rhône, this has a majority of Syrah in the blend with Grenache (the other way round is more typical), and the resulting wine feels a bit more serious and structured than most Southern Rhône reds. Mix of cherries and blackberries, with a bit of liquorice and a lovely floral scent that I think most critics ascribe to violets. This would be a great all-rounder with food, going with everything from chicken casserole to steak, moussaka to roast lamb. I have a few bottles left of the 2020, then I'm on to the 2021, which is £14.95, so up just a bit.

Buy this wine here

Sláinte Mhath!


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